Specializing In Employment Law, Advocating For Your Interests
Specializing In Employment Law, Advocating For Your Interests

The Ally You Want On Your Side When OSHA Comes Knocking

Did you know that OSHA has limited authority to access your job site, factory or workplace? Many employers don’t understand this simple truth, and, when OSHA comes knocking, they provide the Compliance Safety and Health Officer (CSHO) with the grand tour. The often friendly and easygoing CSHO points out a few issues here and there – which are immediately resolved – and the employer thinks they did pretty well. So, it comes as a shock when, months after the inspection, the employer is hit with multiple OSHA citations and thousands of dollars in penalties.

You consider yourself a safe and ethical business, compliance with OSHA standards is the law, and granting OSHA workplace access without a search warrant is often the best course, but rolling out the red carpet for an OSHA investigator is a big mistake that usually results in business disruption, significant financial penalties and substantial legal fees. For contractors, serious or repeat OSHA citations (which are publicly available online) can also impact your ability to win bids.

How The Mullen Firm PLLC Can Help

Call The Mullen Firm PLLC when OSHA comes knocking. You and your managers are entitled to legal representation throughout OSHA’s investigation. Founding attorney Kevin Mullen helps clients limit the scope of OSHA investigations, limit business disruption and limit financial penalties.

Following the inspection, attorney Mullen will take steps to negotiate citation elimination, severity reduction and penalty reduction. And, if he can’t negotiate an acceptable resolution, he will fight OSHA citations in administrative proceedings where he has a great track record. Kevin Mullen knows the players and the OSHA lawyers who litigate the citations when contested, and they know him.

He can also help you straighten out any compliance issues moving forward: when you hire Kevin Mullen, you gain access to his cadre of outside experts in industrial hygiene, safe manufacturing processes and jobsite safety management.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to go on an OSHA inspection on your own – let attorney Mullen help you save time, money and your reputation. And, if you’ve already been cited, let him have a look. He can often negotiate reduced penalties and other relief, or, if merited, we’ll fight the citation.

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